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***Important 2010 Municipal Election information***

(Updated October 27 2010)

2010 Municipal Elections


For those of you not already aware, Ric McGee was successful in his bid for re-election as Mayor of the City of Kawartha Lakes as was Councillor David Hodgson in Ward 3.

I have sent them both congratulations on behalf of the FMLA and to wish them well over the upcoming four years.

For more details, please see the official results of Monday's election at the CoKl website at www.city.kawarthalakes.on.ca/news/2010-municipal-election-results

Rob Sylvester, President

Rob Sylvester




Municipal Election Day is Monday, October 25th and many of you are already starting to receive your mail-in voter kits form the City.

The FMLA Board of Directors recently developed a candidate questionnaire to assist FMLA members in making an informed choice in this year’s election.

The questionnaire was sent to all Mayoral and Councillor candidates and their unedited responses are included in a special Fall newsletter that FMLA members will be receiving any day now.

Found below is a series of questions and answers regarding the election, such as who can vote and how and where to vote. This information is also posted at the CoKL website www.city.kawarthalakes.on.ca

Please take the time to read this information. And, most importantly, please vote!


Rob Sylvester
President, FMLA

Voting Questions & Answers:

1)When is the 2010 Municipal Election? The 2010 municipal election will be held on Monday, October 25th, 2010.

2) Who can vote? You are entitled to vote if you are a Canadian citizen, are  at least 18 years old and you own/rent property in the City of Kawartha Lakes (CoKL) or the spouse of the owner/tenant of a property in CoKL.

3) How do I vote? The 2010 Municipal Election will be conducted using a mail-in ballot. Mail-in voter kits will be mailed to all electors on the voter’s list during the week of October 1st, 2010.

• Simply follow the instructions inside your voter kit and MAIL the completed ballot to the City of Kawartha Lakes Election Office between October 1st to October 15th. No postage is necessary if mailed in Canada.

Electors are strongly encouraged to mail in their ballots, however, electors may hand-deliver their completed mail-in voter kits during normal office hours at the Municipal Service Centres located at:

·        1 King Street West, Omemee, Phone:799-5254

·        123 East St. South, Bobcaygeon, Phone:738-2363

·        9 Grandy Road, Coboconk, Phone: 454-3322

·        7 Munroe Street, Kirkfield, Phone: 438-3141

·        1474 Highway 7A, Bethany, Phone: 277-2321

• Any mail-in voter kits not mailed by the elector prior to October 15th should be hand delivered to City Hall or any of the Municipal Service Centres to ensure it will be received in time for Election Day.

On Election Day, October 25th, 2010, the Victoria Park Armoury in Lindsay and the Fenelon Falls Seniors’ Club will be the only locations available to hand-deliver completed mail-in voter kits. Note that there will be no traditional voting stations to cast ballots on Election Day.

If you do not bring the voter kit that was mailed to you, you will then have to complete a form, show identification and make a solemn declaration that you have not voted before. This could result in line-ups and time spent which could be avoided.

• As the City of Kawartha Lakes is using mail-in voter kits, there will be no advance voting dates or proxy voting.

4) What is in my voter kit and how do I complete my ballot?

·        A Ballot

·        Voting instructions

·        Voter Declaration Form

·        Secrecy Envelope (white)

·        Postage-paid reply envelope (yellow)

Tips for Completing your Ballot:

·        Preferably use a pen with black ink to mark your ballot

·        Do not write anything else on the ballot, or secrecy envelope.

·        Insert the completed ballot in the secrecy envelope AND SEAL. Only include the ballot in the secrecy envelope.

·        Sign the Voter Declaration form and detach from instructions. DO NOT PLACE THIS FORM IN THE SECRECY ENVELOPE.

·        Place the sealed secrecy envelope and the completed voter declaration form into the return envelope. (only one secrecy envelope per reply envelope).

·        Ballots have been prepared for counting on electronic equipment and should not be folded in any manner other than as originally creased

5) What if you do NOT receive (or lose) your voter kit? If you do not receive a mail-in voter kit by October 8th, or your voter kit is lost, damaged  or destroyed or please contact the City of Kawartha Lakes Election Office during regular business hours Monday to Friday – 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at 324-9411 Ext. 1255 or 1262.

One of the reasons you may not receive a kit is that you are not on the voter’s list or that your mailing address is incorrect. You can correct either of these problems by calling the Elections Office (above) or by accessing the CoKL website at:




Rob Sylvester

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