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See June 25, 2009

New MNR Angling proposals affect Four Mile Lake
[May 19, 2009]

download a copy of the FMLA response letter to MNR

click here to submit your comment to MNR

Proposed Additional Angling Opportunities in FMZ 17

Proposed Walleye Management in FMZ 17

Proposed Sunfish Management in FMZ 17


Urgent! Take the Time to Understand and Comment on Newly Proposed Fishing Regulations

The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) is interested in identifying and promoting increased fishing opportunities for anglers in Ontario. As a component of the Fisheries Management Plan, the ministry has identified actions to enhance the opportunities available to anglers, which involve extending the seasons as well as the possibility of opening the season year-round for panfish (which would facilitate ice fishing on lakes within Fisheries Management Zone 17, which encompasses virtually all the Kawartha Lakes, including Four Mile Lake).

Four Mile Lake falls within FMZ 17 and recently the MNR held public information sessions with respect to the proposed options on the table. A copy of the proposal is located here: [click here to download MNR Proposal]

MNR is accepting public comments re the above until May 26th at their environmental registry website. Comments can be submitted online at this link: ebr.gov.on.ca [click here to submit your comment to MNR]

The FMLA does not support the proposed additional angling opportunities in FMZ-17 as presented in recent public information sessions for a variety of good reasons. Among other things, we are concerned about stress on our fish stocks, potential over-fishing with an extended season, lack of supervision by the Ministry in winter months for catching fish out of season, potential trespassing and unsightly ice huts and the associated litter gracing our lake!

A copy of our response can be found here: [click here to download a copy of the FMLA response letter to MNR]

We urge you to read the information provided on our website as well as our response to the Ministry and encourage you to submit your comments to MNR via the hotlink provided before May 26th!

    Rob Sylvester, President
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