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Message started by Administrator on Apr 20th, 2013 at 4:10pm

Title: How to post a picture...
Post by Administrator on Apr 20th, 2013 at 4:10pm
When you are making a post to a topic, you may be able to add a file to your post.  Click on the "Browse" button (beside the "Attachment1" label) to find the file on your hard drive to upload.

Pay attention to the allowed file types and maximum file size.  (The reason for a 'maximum' is because all of today's digital cameras offer ultra high-resolution settings of many MB's, which would take alot of wait time to load for viewing on a web page, so all web sites limit the size of pictures to a manageable size - our's is 400KB, which is really much more than needed for web viewing). If your photo is too large, you can resize it using your computer (eg: MS Picture Manager and other photo management software can do it) OR you can easily resize your picture to a smaller size for free online at web sites such as

Post 1 picture at a time.  Click on <Attachments +/-> to add more attachments (max=3).

[if you have any questions or troubles, just []send me an email[/email]

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