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Welcome to Four Mile Lake

If you’re a cottage owner on Four Mile (or a friend of one), we’re inviting you to join the Four Mile Lake Association (FMLA).

Here’s what we offer;

What’s happening on the lake
Keep up to date with things happening on our lake with the members-only Facebook page and newsletters.

A collective voice

The Four Mile Lake community is made up of 425 cottages around the lake. From time to time issues and changes affecting the value of properties, lifestyle benefits and our current way of life may arise and require immediate attention. The FMLA is a well-prepared collective voice to quickly address any group concerns, seek group consensus and provide informed feedback to members.

The FMLA ‘War Chest’

In the event of any environmental threat, potential planning changes or challenges to our current status and the way we enjoy the lake, The FMLA maintains a ‘healthy’ financial fighting fund so resources can be directed if required. This fund has been built up over time from donations and member subscriptions.

 Reliable and competitively priced local contractors, suppliers, services and tradespeople

Over the years, the FMLA has built many great relationships with local business people who not only sponsor the association each year, but provide a valuable service in an area where this is not always possible. In addition, the members-only Facebook page is always useful if you’re looking for a good local service provider. Naturally, we strongly encourage you to support local.

Security and year-round surveillance

While the FMLA does NOT provide any security services, an increasing number of permanent cottagers on the lake form a network that is constantly on the lookout for anything that might threaten group security relating to theft, trespass or vandalism. 

Community events and social get-togethers

In addition to our Annual Summer BBQ, there are a number of annual events happening on the lake including the Kids Fishing competition which is very popular each year.  We also host a Winter Skating Party for those that enjoy winter at the lake and are always looking at new and different ways to bring our community together. Your ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Have your say and get involved

In addition to our well-attended Annual General Meeting each summer, The FMLA serves as an official channel for members to seek answers to issues and contribute ideas and suggestions that add to the overall lifestyle standards as a cottager on Four Mile Lake. FMLA stays connected with the City of Kawartha Lakes Council and staff; is a member of the Federation of Cottagers Association (FOCA) and participates in the Kawartha Conservation Authority’s Lake Management Implementation Plan. The Association actively seeks fresh representation on the board from members.  Please consider joining our team.​

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