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Road Update

After your meeting and conversations with PW Director, Bryan Robinson, I was asked to create Cases for the concerns outlined in your letter. I will list the case numbers and a brief description/status update below.

From a PW Maintenance perspective, and assigned to Burnt River supervisor, James Turnbull:

Case 83565 – Lakeside Drive – your concerns were outlined and ongoing maintenance will be undertaken. This section was recently identified as having deteriorated beyond our ability to maintain adequately and our Engineering dept was contacted to work with PW operations to develop a plan to resolve this concern.

Case 83568 – Hugill Hill – area supervisor and manager met with someone from Weldon Dr to discuss this concern. They developed a plan to improve drainage and I believe that ditching was completed this week. This should help keep potholes from redeveloping at such a rapid rate.

Case 83570 – Ledge Hill Rd – has also been identified as having a section that has failed badly and Engineering resources have been requested for collaborative resolution.

Case 83571 – Northline Rd – your concerns have been logged for ongoing maintenance and a separate case number 83584 has been created and assigned to Engineering with a request to consider escalation of this section of road in the 5 year planning process.

If I can be of any further assistance please feel free to contact me. Operational concerns can also be addressed to me.


Bonnie Long Service Administrator Public Works Roads General Operations City of Kawartha Lakes


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