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Update to KWL Waste Collection

As many of you are aware, on January 1, 2017 the City of Kawartha Lakes began clear bag waste collection. Benefits of clear bag waste collection include:

  • Cost savings

  • Less recyclables going to landfills

  • Improved safe handling for workers

  • Less hazardous waste going to landfill

While the rules around blue and green box recycling did not change, there is still some confusion over the new do’s and dont’s of regular waste collection

  • As before the changes, each home/property can place up to two (2) clear bags of waste at the roadside for collection every week at no cost.

  • If you need to place additional bags, you must purchase bag tags. One tag is required for each additional bag of waste on top of the two-bag limit.

  • You are allowed to add a maximum of two (2) small privacy bags each week, one inside of each of your two clear bags. Privacy bags are small opaque bags that allow you to discretely dispose of personal items. Many people use standard grocery bags or white kitchen catchers as their privacy bags

  • If you are only putting one clear bag out for collection you may place both of your privacy bags inside of it.

  • If your two small privacy bags are your only waste, you can place them directly by the roadside for collection and do not need to put them into a clear bag.

One final point: Never put broken glass into your garbage bag. It should go into a sealed and labeled cardboard box for disposal. Place the box on top of or beside your waste container or recycling bins. For more information please consult the CKL website at:

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