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Safe Ride Home Designated Driver Service

Safe Ride Home Designated Drivers is operated out of Fenelon Falls. We offer the following services to Fenelon Falls and Bobcaygeon. Also offering surrounding areas to Cameron, Burnt River & Dunsford. (From Fenelon or Bobcaygeon)

Reservations are not required, however outside of regular business hours we would prefer some notice in order to accommodate. If you know a specific time that you would like to be picked up please call us ahead of time to make the arrangements.

How it works?

1. Call Us ahead of time and set up an appointment or 30 minutes to an hour before you are ready to leave.

2. Safe Ride Home DD will dispatch a team of two drivers to your location.

3. The team of Safe Ride Home drivers will call you once they have arrived at your location so please have your phone handy.

4. The Safe Ride Home driver will greet you and your party, and then drive you and your vehicle to your destination.

5. You may need to drop off friends or stop off at a store, that's alright, we aim to please. Just remember, there are additional charges for each stop.

6. Once at your destination the Safe Ride Home driver will park your vehicle where you like, tell you how much you owe for the ride. Please remember, tips are not mandatory, but greatly appreciated.

7. The Safe Ride Home driver will hop in our chase vehicle and head off to their next destination.

Safe Ride Home DD is actually very cheap in comparison to the alternatives. DUI's even on your first offense will cost at the bare minimum $5,000 and it goes up from there, leaving your car can also cost hundreds or thousands of dollars if it gets broken into, vandalized or stolen. Safe Ride Home DD is cheaper than taking a cab home and having to take one back in the morning, plus you have the convenience of your car sitting in your driveway the next morning.

Rates & Fees REMEMBER: These prices do not only get YOU home safe but YOUR vehicle too!

• In Town Fenelon Falls $20.00 (bordered within Hwy 35/121, Hwy 35/8 and 121/8) • In Town Bobcaygeon or Burnt River $20.00 • In Town Fenelon to Sturgeon Point / Hickory Beach Area $30.00 • Fenelon to Red Rock Area $30.00 • Fenelon to Bobcaygeon $40.00 • Fenelon to Burnt River $40.00 • Fenelon to Cameron $40.00 • Fenelon to Dunsford $60.00 • Bobcaygeon to Dunsford $30.00 Bobcaygeon to Burnt River $40.00 • Bobcaygeon to Fenelon $40.00

If you need to make any stops there is a $5.00 fee per stop.

Note: There is no fee to stop at a bank if you need to get money to pay us. Just let the driver know when they pick you up.

No hidden costs.

Medical Driving Service: Have a medical appointment such as dental or surgery that you will not be able to drive home from? Simply drive yourself to your appointment and we will drive you safely home in the comfort of your own vehicle. Reservations required.


How is Safe Ride Home DD different from a taxi service? We are different from a taxi service primarily because our service delivers you and your vehicle to your destination. We have 2 drivers, Driver A and Driver B. One driver drives you and your vehicle home. while the other driver drives chase car and follows behind to your destination, then both drivers drive away to our next client.

How can I pay? We accept cash only at this time. Stops can be made to a bank or ATM for your convenience.

What are the hours of operation?

Safe Ride Home is open 8:00pm-2am 7 days a week. If you have an off hour request, please feel free to contact us!

Extended Hours During the Holiday Season.

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