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In loving memory of Brian Causton

Brian Causton 1948-2017 - Brian Causton, long-time FML resident and former FMLA President died early this morning at Ross Memorial in Lindsay after a lengthy illness. Brian was well-known to many on the lake for his significant contributions toward making FMLA better place for all. One of the founding members of the FMLA some 40+ years ago, he was always involved in one way or another with lake activities, even when not formally on the Board. His knowledge of the lake history was an invaluable asset to guiding the many FMLA Directors and Boards over the years. Brian’s family roots to the lake go back all the way to the mid 1920s, when his grandfather first purchased the property on Birch Glen Drive that has been home to the Causton family ever since. He will greatly missed by his family, friends and neighbours as well as the countless people he helped over the years. Our lake is a better place for having known him.

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