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AGM Highlights / Successes in June 2018


  • Regular Monthly Board Meetings held all year, Working Groups operating in parallel

  • Enhanced working relationships with City, Kawartha Conservation, MNRF, Chamber

  • New offcial address for FMLA, set up proper business account and cheques with CIBC Coboconk 3 New dedicated FMLA computer, printer, and software for financials

  • Professional invoicing for advertisers and vendors

  • All E and hard copy records and filings now transferable as board members change

  • Restructured financial statements to reflect current accounting standards for NFP’s

  • Implemented new signing authority process

  • Developed approach to handling contingency funds


  • Successfully held o‑ Kawartha Conservation including FML in their watershed jurisdiction

  • Developed draft 3 party MOU for Lake Management, Kawartha Conservation onboard = FMLA now active member of new Task Force on LMP’s

  • Developed our Lake Management Handbook to address KC’s LMP > FML a leader in developing this tool for owners

  • Letter to City on Assumed Road maintenance which resulted in some immediate repairs

  • Inventory of Road ownership round FML to enable owners an understanding of City level of service policy

  • Letters to City and MNRF regarding Coboconk quarry, future plans and remediation


  • Increased membership by over 30%

  • Put a FMLA member on the Coboconk-Norland Chamber of Commerce

  • Enhanced relationships with advertisers, provided new venues, increased revenues by 19%

  • New look to twice annual printed newsletter, introduced new monthly 4 Miler E newsletter

  • Introduced a FML Facebook page, new FMLA website with Member Portal

  • Spring membership drive with door to door handout packages to every property (425+) on the lake


  • Successful Kids Fishing Derby 2017

  • First Annual Fall Corn Roast held in August 2017 with over 100 attendees

  • Altberg Hike - 2017 3 Weed workshop June 2018 3 AGM Pizza day June 2018

  • Kids Fishing Derby June 2018 3 Pig Roast August 2018

  • Cation Property Hike

  • Improved gate management processes for emergencies


  • Existing Board is re-instated for two years

  • Financial Reports approved 3 Notice to Reader Statements for future reporting approved

  • Direction on Contingency Funds approved with 3 categories of funds

  • Ratification items approved 3 New Bylaws are approved

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