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New MNR Angling proposals affect Four Mile Lake

MNR Changes Fishing Regulations in Zone FMZ-17

As you recall, Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources conducted public consultations in the Spring to float proposals for extending the fishing season for walleye/pickerel by a month and year-round for panfish in Zone FMZ-17 (a large area that includes the Kawarthas). The latter is of concern because it opens up our lakes to the potential for ice fishing and all the associated issues that go with it. In its submission to MNR, FMLA voiced its opposition to this plan. On November 18th, MNR announced these new regulations will take effect Jan 01, 2010. Upon quick review, it appears MNR made no substantive changes to the proposals as originally tabled in the Spring, so we will have to see what (if any) effect this has on FML. For more details click on the links provided below: Link to MNR Nov 18 2009 announcement: Download MNR brochure outlining changes:

Rob Sylvester, President, FMLA

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