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CoKL Official Plan Includes Four Mile Lake Special Lake Policies

UPDATE: Sept 21 2010 - "perhaps one of the most significant achievements of FMLA for members and local residents."

  • CoKL adopts Official Plan - including the FMLA Special Lake Policies:

  • download copy of the "Special Policies" portion of the CoKL OP:

  • a copy of the CoKL OP and the FML Specific Lake Policies can be found at the COKL website:


May 8, 2009 - We have just been advised that the City of Kawartha Lakes Official Plan (OP) has been approved by City Council and by Province of Ontario, as submitted. This includes approval and inclusion of an important section of the OP with "Four Mile Lake Specific Lake Policies", which provides policies governing future development and growth on Four Mile Lake (FML) and its watershed.

The Four Mile Lake Association (FMLA) was the only Association to submit a proposal for Specific Lake Policies in the City of Kawartha Lakes, and our submittal has been used by other lakes and associations in Ontario as a template for influencing future development planning in cottage regions.

These policies were developed as the result of four years of collaboration between the Municipal Planning Department, the FMLA Board and an outside consultant retained by the Board. Special thanks go to Jim Russell, who did much of the work and spearheaded the Board’s efforts and to Ward 3 Councillor Dave Hodgson, who was instrumental in garnering support at the City for inclusion of our policies into the OP.

The FML Specific Lake Policies are intended to ensure that new development in the FML watershed does not alter the natural, social and physical elements that contribute to the uniqueness of the lake and the surrounding watershed. In general, they provide that any new residential development occur in accordance with unique prescribed standards; that new residential cluster or commercial development is not permitted on the FML shoreline or within 1000 feet (300m) of our shoreline; and that aggregate development (quarries) are not permitted within 1km. of the shoreline of FML.

This is perhaps, the most significant achievement that the FMLA has accomplished in the past decade, limiting future development and providing protection of the natural, social and physical values and the quality of cottage life around FML.

Rob Sylvester, President, FMLA

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