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Drop Off Weeks at City Landfills

Residential Clear Bag Drop Off Weeks at City Landfills: Residents are invited to drop off residential clear bag waste and leaf and yard waste for no cost at all City landfills during regular operating hours from May 14 to 27 and October 1 to 14. All waste must be in clear bags and regular clear bag requirements will apply. As this is a limited trial service being offered at the landfills please be prepared for longer wait times than normal. Staff will be making efforts to move traffic as quickly as possible .

From May 14 to 27 there will be no charge for:

  • Clear garbage bags of residential waste (must contain less than 20% recyclable material and no hazardous waste)

  • Residential leaf and yard waste (must be in paper bags – grass clippings are not accepted at City landfill sites)

Regular tipping fees will apply to drop off:

  • Large items (including Freon)

  • Mattresses and box springs

  • Construction and demolition materials

  • Institutional and commercial waste

  • Waste not in clear bags

  • Mixed waste loads (containing 20% or more recyclables and black or green bags)

  • Contaminated soil (Pre-approval required call 705-324-9411 extension 1135)

  • Boats

  • Asbestos (Pre-approval required call 705-324-9411 extension 1135)

  • Boat and bale wrap

  • RV disposal

  • Septage

  • Furniture

For more information please call 705-324-9411 or e-mail


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