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Q&A - Election Questions from FMLA

Submit your questions for our Candidates today. Written submissions of up to 75 words per question may be submitted to Ron Osborne ( by no later than September 4, 2018. Submissions will be posted verbatim on our member’s website and referenced in our upcoming fall newsletter.


Questions for Candidates – Municipal Election 2018

Q1: Given the significant tax revenues generated by waterfront properties what is your position on (a) Improving many of the local Assumed Roads that are in major need of repair (example Northline Road), and (b) On improving conditions on Un-Assumed Roads. What specific actions would you plan to undertake during your term?

Q2: On the role of Kawartha Conservation (a) Do you support more clarity on their role and authorities regarding Four Mile Lake, and continuation of non-inclusion of Four Mile Lake within the KCA watershed jurisdiction, and (b) given the multitude of existing levels of regulation around waterfront properties (City By-laws, Ontario Building Code, MNRF, Oceans and Fisheries, Ministry of Health etc.) what is your position on adding a further burden through increased taxes and longer permitting processes, with respect to Kawartha Conservation.

Q3: The Four Mile Lake Special Policy Area By-law includes many provisions such as restriction of the public boat launch during summer months for swimming lessons, restrictions on quarry operations around the lake etc. This is an important policy and by-law for Four Mile Lake residents. Will you actively support the maintenance and enforcement of the Four Mile Lake Special Policy Area as currently written?

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