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Q&A - Answers from MAYOR Candidates

We've posed a list of questions to the election candidates from the FMLA. Below is the coverage of what each has responded. A deadline of Sept 4th has been set for responses.

Q1: Given the significant tax revenues generated by waterfront properties what is your position on (a) Improving many of the local Assumed Roads that are in major need of repair (example Northline Road), and (b) On improving conditions on Un-Assumed Roads. What specific actions would you plan to undertake during your term?

Q2: On the role of Kawartha Conservation (a) Do you support more clarity on their role and authorities regarding Four Mile Lake, and continuation of non-inclusion of Four Mile Lake within the KCA watershed jurisdiction, and (b) given the multitude of existing levels of regulation around waterfront properties (City By-laws, Ontario Building Code, MNRF, Oceans and Fisheries, Ministry of Health etc.) what is your position on adding a further burden through increased taxes and longer permitting processes, with respect to Kawartha Conservation.

Q3: The Four Mile Lake Special Policy Area By-law includes many provisions such as restriction of the public boat launch during summer months for swimming lessons, restrictions on quarry operations around the lake etc. This is an important policy and by-law for Four Mile Lake residents. Will you actively support the maintenance and enforcement of the Four Mile Lake Special Policy Area as currently written?

Peter Weygang - Mayor Candidate

Four Mile Lake Association Questions for Candidates – Municipal Election 2018 Thank you for inviting me to reply to your questions. I would really like to give more detailed answers, but perhaps these will suffice to show where I stand on these issues. I hope they will encourage your members to support the Democracy Now candidates in the next election.


The roads, both rural and urban, are in an appalling condition. This is the major complaint I find when canvassing. The citizens for direct democracy have stated in their flyer that a top priority is to fix the potholes to paradise. It is a question of priorities, and ethics. Lindsay, with a proposed downtown upgrade of $50 million, is top of the council's list. Crumbling infrastructure elsewhere is of no concern. Ethically, you are paying the piper, you should call the tune. I would make nuts and bolts infrastructure the only priority until we get out of debt.


I am the mortal enemy of Kawartha Conservation. I have seen them grow from a volunteer organization to a $3million, tax sucking, bureaucracy – with quasi Gestapo like powers. {Read the articles in the OLA magazine} I intend to cancel any financial support to them from the City. That money would be redirected to waterfront groups who do, and have done for decades, the real environmental back breaking work.


The citizens for direct democracy believe in, and will always use, the wisdom of crowds. We know that local people understand local concerns, have local remedies, and a vested interest in making their space on the globe, a better one. I will support, and appreciate, all efforts by local groups to manage their own affairs. Peter Weygang M.A.(Oxon).;D.I.C.;M.Ed.Sec. Citizens for Direct Democracy.

Your will find much more on our website

GORD James - Mayor Candidate


(a) CKL follows the guidelines ‘roads needs study’. All roads were evaluated, based on condition, a year was set for re-surfacing. For budgetary reasons Council has committed to this schedule. Northline is being considered as an option addressing a 2nd crossing for Fenelon Falls. Regular surface patching will address minor areas, larger sections will be replaced at need. My commitment to fiscal responsibility ensures staying within budget while maintaining our infrastructure.

(b) I support Limited Service Agreements as currently are mandated.


I am in favour having the Memorandum of Understanding between the City and KRCA cancelled and will endeavour to fulfil this commitment if elected. If successful, your concerns regarding clarity of their role in the Four Mile Lake watershed will be a moot point. As well, I would recommend removing the permitting process from the KRCA. Q3

I would actively support all provisions of the Four Mile Lake Special Policy Area and respective By-Laws for Four Mile Lake residents. I believe that ‘if it works, don’t fix it’, and it works! That said, the City Official Plan is a living agreement and can always be subject to change should the FMLA have a need for enhancement.

Brian Junkin - Mayor Candidate


Our roads needs study is not working as I had hoped it would.

We need more input from area roads department staff on local area road upgrades.

North Line road has a traffic count of over a 1,000 cars per day and should be treated as a major collector road.

All un-assumed roads should enter into a mutual service agreement giving them gravel as needed and at least 1 grading per year.


Kawartha Conservation Should not be involved in any areas outside of their regulated areas.

I see no need at this time to expand their regulated areas.

Kawartha Conservation has shifted their focus from protecting the environment to increasing funding through permitting.


There is no need to change Four Mile Lake Special Policy Area By-law until area residents request a change.

Andy Letham - Mayor Candidate


Our 10 year financial plan includes major investment in our rural roads. This year alone there is $5 million more being invested in resurfacing and $4.6 million over 3 years in rebuilding over 35 of our worst gravel roads. This is a major commitment in our rural roads and you will notice a difference over the next few years if we continue. Getting our house in order financially is putting us in a great position moving forward. I believe the city needs to look at a plan partnering with associations to bring many of our unassumed roads up to municipal standard so we can assume them and service them as part of our road network. I believe this plan could be implemented over the next. 5 to 10 years with our improving financial situation. We are heading in a good direction.


I don't believe KRCA should have jurisdiction over Four Mile Lake. It is not in their watershed and they need to focus on the priorities in the mandate. I will be lobbying the new minister to reduce the policies for conservation authorities regarding oversight. There are many improvements that could be made. That is a much bigger priority right now as it is hampering development across the municipality.


The Four Mile Lake special policy area has worked quite well in the past and I will actively continue to support the maintenance and enforcement of the policy. Thank you.

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