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Q&A - Answers from the COUNCILLOR Candidates

We've posed a list of questions to the election candidates from the FMLA. Below is the coverage of what each has responded. A deadline of Sept 4th has been set for responses.

Q1: Given the significant tax revenues generated by waterfront properties what is your position on (a) Improving many of the local Assumed Roads that are in major need of repair (example Northline Road), and (b) On improving conditions on Un-Assumed Roads. What specific actions would you plan to undertake during your term?

​Q2: On the role of Kawartha Conservation (a) Do you support more clarity on their role and authorities regarding Four Mile Lake, and continuation of non-inclusion of Four Mile Lake within the KCA watershed jurisdiction, and (b) given the multitude of existing levels of regulation around waterfront properties (City By-laws, Ontario Building Code, MNRF, Oceans and Fisheries, Ministry of Health etc.) what is your position on adding a further burden through increased taxes and longer permitting processes, with respect to Kawartha Conservation.

Q3: The Four Mile Lake Special Policy Area By-law includes many provisions such as restriction of the public boat launch during summer months for swimming lessons, restrictions on quarry operations around the lake etc. This is an important policy and by-law for Four Mile Lake residents. Will you actively support the maintenance and enforcement of the Four Mile Lake Special Policy Area as currently written?

Stephen Slack - Councillor Candidate


Although CKL “has carried out the largest capital investment we’ve ever made in our roads program ($18.3 million in 2017)”, there is still lots to do and all roads will be assessed and prioritised for maintenance work. It may be possible to make a case that this work needs to be done sooner, but I do not have insight to that at this time.

I am sure you have a mix of unassummed roads in your Association. Some will and others don’t have “Seasonal Level of Service” (SLOS) agreements in place. The solution depends on several factors and is best managed for each road. For the ones that have the agreement in place I understand that they will continue to be in force as long as the road meets the criteria (something dramatic must change). I would suspect the ones with the agreements are OK and if they are not then CKL needs to complete their part of the agreement. If CKL has done their part and the road is not as you would like, then there are many other options that could work. An example would be to apply for “Local Improvement” and bring the road in question to a standard that could be assumed by CKL. For the ones without an agreement in place you would need to bring them up to a standard and then apply to a SLOS in place.


a) The short answer is yes …. Clarity is something that seems to be elusive. I was not familiar with the specific requirements of building etc. on Four Mile Lake, but I am now. It is confusing and I would suspect it would be very easy to have a process upfront that would do a better job of guiding an applicant through the process. At this time Four Mile Lake is outside of the Regulated areas in the Kawartha Conservation Watershed so the process is shortened somewhat. I would support the continuation of non-inclusion of Four Mile Lake within the KCA watershed jurisdiction.​

b) I am not in favour of any Tax increase what so ever. As long as Four Mile Lake stays outside of the Regulated areas in the Kawartha Conservation Watershed you are not required to get a Permit from them directly. You are still required to get permits from the Municipality and others depending on the type of work being done.


I support The Four Mile Lake Special Policy Area By-law and other determinations/findings as defined in the “FOUR MILE LAKE MANAGEMENT PLAN”. It is a very comprehensive plan that was developed by a group of stakeholders whoes interest is the preservation of the Lake and it’s enviornmnet. To me it makes sence to embrace and support it’s intentions.


As a side note, I had a Cottage on Chandos Lake in Aspley and I had problems with shoreline erosion because of wakes being generated. I always thought that Shoreline protection should be a separate permit as you are actually saving the habitat.

Many of the issues you state, I lived through with our Road … Winter Maintenance.. washouts etc. etc.

Anyway, I tried to follow exactly as requested and as such some of my answers are shorter then I would like. Please feel free to call or email.

Thanks for the opportunity…… Steve Slack

Jim Greensides - Councillor Candidate


Afe Hellerman - Councillor Candidate

Question 1

The Roads Needs Plan is a scheduled plan that prioritizes repairs and resurfacing of roads across CoKL and it works. If elected I hope to address another pressing issue of preventative maintenance which I feel is badly lacking of our roads. The municipality must continue dialogue with residents on un-assumed roads to arrive at a meaningful working agreement on them. This is especially true in consideration of the high taxes paid by waterfront residents.

Question 2

I believe that KRCA has too much power. The control of flooding in the Lake Simcoe Watershed area is the basic mandate of the Kawartha Region Conservation Authority; overly intrusive Lake Management Plans are not. The issuance of building permits should never require the signing off by the KRCA. This is an over reach of authority and an additional unnecessary expense and time to those seeking permits.

Question 3

Four Mile Lake is landlocked and as such, is a community unto itself. The added bonus of the Special plan under the CoKL Official Plan gives the community additional legislative control. There will always be a right for others to use your lake, but the gate access control under the present By-law addresses the issue perfectly. We should never make a problem out of something that presently does not exist.

Leslie Miezkowski - Councillor Candidate

Thank you for the questions. First we need to have better roads in Ward #2. People are having repair their vehicles at an alarming rate on assumed roads, never mind un-assumed roads. The biggest problem I have is un-assumed roads. There should be a reduction in taxes for people that pay large amount of taxes and get very little services in return. Representing tax payers in Ward #2 on a professional level, something that has not been done to this date would enable me to push the agenda.

More clarity and less government is a good thing. Regulation around water front properties should be the same for all lakes.Unless like you have a lake policy area by-law.I would like to freeze taxes for two years and then only increase them to the level of inflation if necessary.Permit issuing processes should be reduced.

I would support the Four Mile Lake policy area by-law and I would like to find out more information about the many provisions.In order to advocate on your behalf I would like to have the opportunity of being your Ward #2 councillor. Thank you Leslie Mieszkowski.

Kathleen Seymour-Fagan - Councillor Candidate

Question 1

[if !supportLists](a) [endif] All roads, including Northline Road were evaluated based on the guidelines of the Roads Need Study and scheduled for re-surfacing according to condition. Our budget is based on this schedule. Maintaining our infrastructure while staying within budget is party of my commitment to fiscal responsibility. In the interim, regular surface patching addresses the minor areas and larger sections are to be replaced as needed.

(b) I support our current Limited Service Agreements policy.

Question 2.

As Councillor, I am proud of my accomplishments for tourism in Bobcaygeon. I see great tourism opportunities in Ward 2. I believe that the KRCA impedes tourism and development in the City. If elected I would recommend removing the permitting process from the KRCA and cancelling the Memorandum of Understanding between the City and KRCA. If I am successful this removal will add clarity to their role in the Four Mile Lake watershed.

Question 3.

I support all provisions of the Four Mile Lake Secondary plan within the Official Plan. The Official Plan is always subject to change and, in the future, should the FMLA have a need for enrichment then amendments can be made to the Secondary Plan. I support the access By-Law for the boat ramp at Four Mile Lake. From what I understand this is working well and that is how it should be left.

John Sinder - Councillor Candidate

Thank you for your questions for the candidates in the 2018 Municipal Election. Below are my responses:

Q1: I believe that all roads need to be repaired and maintained, including roads that have year round residents, even if that road is unassumed. To do this we, as Councillors, need to take a greater role in how the Municipality is spending taxpayer money in order to reallocate funds for road infrastructure.

Q2: Kawartha Conservation carries too much power and influence now, and as such, should be limited as to its role on private land. That, in my mind, means that neither taxes or budget should be increased for Kawartha Conservation.

Q3: Not knowing the Four Mile Lake Special Policy, I believe if it is working for the Association then no change is needed. I would support the policy as it is written.

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