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Coboconk Quarry Update

FMLA correspondence re: expansion of Coboconk quarry. FMLA letter to CoKL [Feb 8, 2018]

1.How much further can they mine (ie: where are the property limits) If you look at the map below, you will see that Cedarhurst Quarry owns three properties. They are currently only licensed to extract limestone from the north-most property. Based on our 2013 aerial photography, it appears that they have cleared approximately half of the property. Based on their site plan, they are proposing to extract 3 lifts of rock for a final total depth of 20 metres. Without speaking further to their consultant, it’s hard to know exactly at what stage they’re at.

2.For how many more years will the site be active It’s hard to estimate how many more years the quarry will be active without speaking to their consultant. Ultimately life span is also dictated by the market for their products.

3.What happens to FML if they hit one of the springs feeding the lake (they are less than a km away now) This would be difficult to prove but if it were proven, then MNRF, as the licensing body, would have to deal with this issue.

4.What are the site remediation plans/City agreement post mining The approved plans contain a site remediation plan, which will see the quarry remediated into a large lake with a depth of 20 metres. I would suggest that we schedule a meeting to discuss your comments further. If you wish, I could have the approved site plans copied and mailed to your home. These drawings contain all of the detailed operational notes that the operator must follow for all stages of the quarry operations, which would answer many of the questions that you have posed in your letter.

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